Brand Strategy - Consumer Insights
Get to the root of the issue÷donŪt address the symptoms
Finger on the consumerŪs pulse÷foundation of all brand strategy
Breakthrough ideas÷must be žon brandÓ
The power of simplicity÷still a secret weapon

Ford and GM have watched their market share drop steadily, while Toyota has risen to become the #2 car maker in the USA, despite higher average prices.  How come?  While its rivals have swatted at the symptoms, Toyota has given the consumers what they really want: higher fuel efficiency.

Chadha Strategy’s approach underlines our belief that the most important, albeit at times the most difficult task, is to get to the very root of the problem.  It needs not only a very thorough discovery process, but also the insight and judgement to pin down what’s key.  Once there, often the solution is self-evident.

Walmart didn’t “get” the South Korean consumer – it had to sell its business and leave the country.  Tesco, on the other hand, localized its offering in tune with South Korean tastes - it is flourishing.

Consumer insights are our core competency.  Chadha Strategy prides itself in unerringly finding the pulse of your consumer, and painting a very vivid picture of his/her needs, inner beliefs and outer behavior, and importantly his/her cultural perspective which may differ dramatically from “back home”.

The consumer-centered strategy that ensues, always results in solutions that build the highest value for your brand.

94% of Tokyo women in their 20s own a Louis Vuitton product.  Who would have thought an exclusive luxury brand could be made ubiquitous?  Vuitton manages to be both – living proof of innovative thinking.

But much too often, in the pursuit of innovative ideas, marketers veer their brands off course, eroding their brand’s credibility and their consumers’ trust.  Or they swing to the other extreme, finding comfort in listless ‘low risk’ strategies that fail to make an impact on consumers.  Money wasted.

Chadha Strategy specializes in breakthrough ideas that instantly connect with consumers and remain true to your brand’s essence.

Sharply focused.  Single-minded. Disarmingly simple.  All powerful.

In a world of multi-tasking, multi-media, fragmentation of message and consumer attention, Chadha Strategy passionately believes that your strategy is only as powerful as it is simple.

Having the courage to sacrifice what your brand can’t be is what counts…instead of complicating things by trying to be all things to all people.

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