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The Cult of the Luxury Brand is the first book to explore how and why an amazing “luxeplosion” is rocking Asia, sweeping up not just the glitzy upper crust, but secretaries toting their Burberry bags, junior executives sporting Rolex watches, and university students in Ferragamo shoes. The phenomenon is so powerful that Asia is now the world’s largest market for luxury brands, accounting for as much as half of the $80 billion global luxe industry.

Written in a highly accessible style, the book draws on over 150 interviews with industry experts, and market studies in 10 countries. It offers original conceptual models that demonstrate how the continent’s massive economic and social transformation is dismantling centuries-old ways of defining your place in society, and how your spot on today’s social totem pole is marked by your Chanel suit and your Cartier watch.

Whether you are a business professional targeting the Asian consumer, a marketer interested in trend spotting, or a shopper fascinated by luxury brands, this book opens the door to success.